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  Wireless Services
Big Green Group's Wireless Services Division offers the following range of services:
  Wireless A&E Services:
  • Surveys
  • Environmental(Phase I, NEPA, SHIPO)
  • Zoning drawings
  • Structural analysis
  • Geotechnical analysis & engineering
  • Utility design
  • Electrical/grounding
  • Construction documents
  • RF engineering
  • Wireless electronics engineering and equipment specifications
  • Wireless site outside plant engineering
  • Cabinet installation and commissioning
  • Cabinet integration and testing
  • Sweep testing
  Site Audit Services
  • DC Power Supply System
  • Grounding System
  • Inventory
  • Site Layout
  • Antenna System Checks & Alignment
  • GPS Antenna Locations
  • Equipment Alignment Procedures
  Network Power Services
  Turnkey program management solutions to provide customers with custom power solutions to ensure 100% reliability and uninterrupted service for their vital network infrastructure. Services include:
  • Engineering/System Design
  • Equipment furnishing and installation of DC batteries, UPS systems and generators
  • Preventative maintenance
  • DC power hot swaps
  • Automatic Transfer Switch Maintenance and Repair, Test and Turn Up
  DAS Networks
  In areas where a Distributed Antenna System (DAS) does not yet operate, Big Green Group can rapidly construct a wireless network that would typically take carriers years to cover using traditional towers, rooftop antenna installations as well as having to deal with zoning/planning issues. Having the ability to deploy a DAS network both in-building and outdoor is key to carriers meeting network launch dates and having coverage in areas that are otherwise traditionally difficult to cover.
  Through DAS:
  • Fiber optic systems can be ring or line configuration, aerial or underground;
  • Protocol-neutral systems support most any wireless service whether narrowband or broadband spectrum;
  • Carriers can use a variety of remote equipment depending on coverage requirements.